Use Sage Peachtree and Quickbooks like a Pro; Highly Recommended for Business Owners and CPAs in Davao

Is your company struggling from a lot of financial computation processes? Or is it just experiencing a major problem for most businesses in Davao City, which is losing focus on key points that made your company progressive because you have given more attention to recording your transactions involving money?

You can all put an end to all these series of miserable events by hiring a professional and certified public accountant in Davao. Perhaps you’re now asking how and why; this article will sum up all the answers so just read on and relax.



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Addressing the question how; by hiring a professional accountant, they can ease your transaction woes with the aid of advanced technology. Most accountants from large firms offer accounting software services. And they use some of the world’s most used brands.

There’s Quickbooks and Peachtree for you. For the why seek help part. The benefits are astoundingly many.


  •     They generate reports in a more efficient manner; efficient in time and money.
  •     Software programs are cost-effective; you get what you pay for.
  •     You can customize it according to how your business specifically needs it to function.
  •     It is instantly shareable to other platforms such as Microsoft programs.
  •     It is a proud choice of many companies around the world; you are not alone!

The real problem starts upon usage. Accounting firms almost always include tutorial on the software programs you requested but they can’t always be there for you every day. You still have to struggle using the complicated program on your own when the moment requires it.

But you can be lucky enough to encounter a Davao accounting firm that will stick with you as a valuable client whom they have to train and accompany, all year round, with just some added costs.

Most people resort to online tutorials. Free stuff is all largely available. For a quicker accounting software programs help, you can resort to the summed up guide below. (Note that the two programs highlighted in the succeeding parts are all proven to be suited for entry level to mid-sized businesses.)


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For Quickbooks

The setting up section will most likely be handled by your trusted accounting partner. Most of the tutorial help you’ll see online start from this section but this will be skipped here. You should have already set up company information, customers and vendors section, banking and credit card options plus the reports.



  •     For the QB 2013 pro edition, you can instantly see the fresh new homepage which contains five sections namely vendor, customers, employees, company and banking.
  •     There is also the icon bar in the left most corner which you can customize to see shortcuts and do multitasking in different windows.
  •     General customization is done through the company tab above.




  •     You have to reconcile every book from banks, monthly. If not, you’ll have a hard time keeping up. For QB, use the petty cash and equity sections to transfer old accounts and reconcile inconsistencies in the main bank accounts.
  •     For the credit card section, always connect it with your online banking transactions to save time.
  •     In the reports section look for the 3 types which is summary, transaction and List. Take note of the memorize reports section in the menu bar.
  •     Adjust journal entries in the company tab to help you enter new transactions or edit them if necessary.
  •     Use classes to allow you to track income and expenses by different departments.
  •     You can always use the export option so you can easily edit information on any platform even without QB. This is also handy for print outs and reports.


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Final note: If you’re an aspiring Davao CPA, learning free stuff from the internet is always a fun and informative way of augmenting the knowledge gap of accounting software programs which is most likely not taught at school.


For Sage Peachtree




  •     Navigation is pretty much easy. There is the standard drop down menu bar on the uppermost section.
  •     Navigation centers located in the left corner acts like a graphical representation of each area you can find in Peachtree so you can customize which areas is relevant to you on a daily basis.
  •     File menu gives you access to all windows found in the program database (including company info, backup options and synchronization).
  •     The business status menu in the left corner offers a snapshot of the general overview of your business from total inventory to revenue. Take note that not all Peachtree software programs has this feature.




  •     Edit menu lets you access “find transactions” option.
  •     Since Peachtree regularly updates their programs, they have easy to use import or export tools in case you decided to upgrade but not leave behind any previous files.
  •     You can use the lock feature in double entries or accounts so as an administrator, you can opt who can edit past transactions.
  •     There is the internal accounting review that prompts users about suspicious transactions and common accounting mistakes so you’d know what to do.
  •     You can track not just your sales but also manage jobs, inventory, customers and workflow.
  •     You can instantly hit the refresh button to see the latest updates happening in the blink of an eye.
  •     You can generate multiple purchase orders in the view tab.
  •     There are automatic features that prompt users when stocks fall below minimum so you can make automatic purchases.
  •     The Navigation center will always offer an overview of the current status quo for different windows such as employee payroll and banking.


Quick references:

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Final Note: It is always nice to ask your trusted CPA from Davao to help you input the right information upon installment for future transactions to be accurate and to maximize the potential of the software you chose.



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