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Tax and Statutory Services

Preparation of Tax

Are you having a hard time preparing your tax returns? We are here to help you!

Tax rates and regulations change often and on top of that, computations are getting more complex and complicated that preparing a tax return gets very perplexing. It gives you a lot of questions that you end up filing an incorrect return which may be more than or less than what you should pay. We are tax experts who are here to help by:

  • Checking your tax return identifying potential problems the BIR may look and investigate at.
  • Filing your income tax so you don’t need to be hassled by long lines; or
  • Filing your income tax electronically for those who are allergic to advances in technology.
  • Showing you legal ways to minimize your tax liability.

Are your records in chaos? We are here to help you!

If you operate a small business and have not been doing your bookkeeping, we will prepare your bookkeeping for the year as well as your income tax return. After that, we will assist you in setting up an easy accounting system so you can keep your books updated the following year.


Tax planning

Are your taxes too high? We are here to help you!

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail…this includes planning for your taxes. If you want to reduce your tax, we are here to plan with you and suggest to you legal ways on how to do it. We don’t just prepare tax returns, we give suggestions on tax savings strategies to expand your income after tax. Our continues efforts in studying and updating ourselves with current tax law, complex tax code, and new tax regulations make it possible for us to give sound suggestions.

Our Tax Saving Strategies will help you:

  • reduce your taxes on your retirement distributions.
  • reduce taxes on your estate.
  • reduce taxes on your income.
  • defer income so you can maximize your money.
  • grow and preserve assets.
  • reduce taxes on your donations.
  • reduce taxes on your investments.



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