Avoid BIR Penalties – Hiring an Accounting Firm for Comprehensive Tax Services

In line with the season for filing income tax returns (ITR) for most businesses, it is important to be reminded of your tax responsibilities. It also counts to be aware of those common, unnoticeable mistakes that often lead to unwanted penalties. The Philippine’s Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) plays a significant role in successfully running your business in Davao. In...

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Different Factors to Consider when Adopting a Payroll System for your Small Business in Davao

Be it your choice to hire employees or not, if your small startup business is steadily growing on a rapid scale, hiring will not just become an option rather a must.   There will always come a time in your business life that you’d need the help of someone else trustworthy to do some of the integral tasks you deem important for your company’s daily grind.  ...

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Davao Auditing Services: Protecting Your Assets and Businesses

Every Davao business owner is fully aware that they need to take care of their businesses at every step in order to thrive the stiff competition of the business industry – locally or globally. Thus, to strengthen the financial aspect and ensure its growth, most companies hire auditing services to check and track down errors that can hamper the growth of the business....

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Davao Bookkeeper : Why It is Important To Every Business

Bookkeeping is often an underestimated job. Unfamiliar to most of us, bookkeeping is essential in keeping an organization functional. If it were not for bookkeeping, companies would not have any idea how much money they have, how much they owe and what money hasn’t been on hand yet. Through bookkeeping, critical information is obtained and good financial decisions are...

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Merging the Old and the New: How Davao Accounting Firms Help Company Startups and Successions

Merging the old and the new is never an easy task. New ideals are sometimes too rash that the slow-paced ones are not able to immediately cope. But becoming successful in this endeavor can entail a wonderful present; look at how Japan and China managed to bring about old traditions into the modern era – a perfect blend that truly exhibits individuality. The same thing...

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