How to Know if You’re in Need of an Accounting Consultant for your Business in Davao

CPAs in Davao are omnipresent beings in the world of the city’s commerce. As idealists in the forms of entrepreneurs venture out to test their creativity and crafty skills in the game of money-making, somebody must keep the financial area in order. And this is where balance sheets, financial statements and various business reports are involved.

Some may say that accounting is the boring aspect in business management. It’s the role that should be most adept to laws and regulations. It’s driven by solid facts and not merely by ideas. It has a system that direly needs to be followed. Some even say that the job lacks freedom and requires very little or no mistakes at all.

Though the statements above may be true, know that there is more to accounting. First and foremost, the given intricate criteria impose that one who tackles the job must possess impressive skills on critical thinking and decision making. Moreover, it’s one of the jobs in trade and commerce that takes credit for its success or the other way around.

So going back to balance sheets and financial records, business owners must also know what their hired accountants are meant to do. Furthermore, which part of their business venture requires them to get a consultant.

The Comparison

CPA Davao

An accountant and an accounting consultant are two very different positions in a business. The former keeps and analyzes the important financial records while the latter advices the business owner on which paths to take to avoid major fiscal risks.

To have an accounting consultant is like having a commander general analyzing all the risks and advantages before you set off to war. Usually, the ones who have consultants are established and growing businesses or corporations because the kind of progress these entities have bring in more and more challenges and hazards. Thus, somebody must be able to guide them accordingly.

When does one need an accounting consultant?

Accounting Firms in Davao City Philippines

When you’re starting up your own business, wouldn’t you want to have a strong game plan? You’re aware that it’s not going to be a smooth sailing trip and as much as possible, you want to avoid major mistakes that might lead your goals to failure. And since there’s money involve in every step of the way, you’d want to know where it goes and if it’s coming back to you. In every business, take note that in every cent you spend, it must go back to you doubled or more – of course, without breaking the law.

Your standard accountant may send you the needed records but the question is, once you get every detail of your assets and liabilities on paper, what should you do next? Where do you go?

This is where the accounting consultant renders their services. They oversee the whole management system, taking traditional accounting to the next level. By all means, you still have the final decision. However, with a CPA from Davao on your side, you’d know every angle and have a broader perception of your business’ advancement.

If you’re still on the early phase of your own small business, hiring an accounting consultant may still not be a wise decision. You’re still in the stage where everything is new and there still isn’t much to analyze – just a few trials and errors that could depict your longevity. When you’re able to set everything up properly and you think the damages in the given time span weren’t that serious and your investments are still intact, then hiring a consultant would help you from there.

How to Determine if a CPA in Davao is Consultant-worthy?

Accounting Firms in Davao City Philippines

Bear in mind that not all CPAs are worthy of being a consultant. In terms of the accounting career hierarchy, consultancy jobs are among the highest in ranking also, with one of the highest pays. To know if the one you’re planning to hire is qualified, here’s a set of criteria.

  • Must be a bachelor’s degree holder in Accounting. The very first qualification and take note that a bachelor’s degree is better than an associate’s degree in terms of honing leadership and management abilities.
  • Must be certified. Right after college, accounting graduates are required to take a board exam to acquire their license. A consultant must be a Certified Public Accountant. Having high exam results can be a bonus.
  • Must be exposed to various industries. This acquired in depth knowledge helps the business to gain more information about their surroundings. Analyzing different idiosyncrasies of related fields gives more light to decision making.
  • Updated with the latest accounting software. Accounting, though it dates back to the olden times, is constantly evolving. With the dawn of electronics, consultants must be able to work with technology without any hassle.
  • Must have leadership abilities.  A consultant sees the needs and possibilities in a given system. To implement a vision, he/she must be able to let his subordinates follow.
  • Must be able to handle critical incidents. A good consultant knows how to deliver bad news without causing such havoc. Along with this, they must offer a solution that works.

If you’re aiming to keep your business for the long run, consider hiring trusted advisers and financial experts. There are numerous CPAs in Davao who are known for their impressive qualities. The only thing you need to do is find someone who fits your business’ qualifications.



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