Davao’s Current BPO Industry where CPAs Explain Why it’s Considered a Sustainable Business in the Metro

The Philippines is the top choice among foreign companies when it comes to business process outsourcing (BPO) services. This success is highly evident in the continuous sprouting of outsourcing companies – something that CPAs in Davao see as a huge local and national advantage. Moreover, such is due to the country’s many advantages over other Asian countries. These advantages include lower labor costs, fluency in speaking and writing in American English, modern and highly urbanized cities that can accommodated certain infrastructures and industries specifically in the field of telecommunications; most of all a strong resemblance with the western lifestyle – most especially of the USA. Having a large population of fresh graduates seeking for white collar jobs, more foreign countries seek help to the Philippines’ modern professionalism thus making it a perfect hub for BPO.



The country’s ability to provide global partners with a plethora of capable workforce possessing the right skill sets and competencies plus a sophisticated telecommunications infrastructure paved way to the development of call center companies in different parts of the Philippines.



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Davao City: Mindanao’s Fasters Growing ICT-BPO Hub



In the past five years, Davao has become the preferred business hub for information, communications and technology (ICT) investments. Despite the critical issues in Mindanao, the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry is flourishing.



Davao City, the most progressive city in Southern Philippines, is the biggest city in Mindanao where there are BPO investments. As a matter of fact, BPO industry in Davao is the biggest private employer in the region, playing host to more than 50 BPO companies consisting of call centres, non-voiced services, IT outsourcing, and knowledge process outsourcing. The industry employs 5000 workers, a 51% increase over the last three years.



Call Center: The Largest BPO Sector in Davao City


The significant progress of the BPO industry in the city continues to rise with around 30-35% growth annually when it comes to development and employment as more and more international investors are putting up their call center facilities in the city.



In 2012, the BPO industry added 5,000 more jobs with the opening of another call center company and with the expansion of existing call center companies in the city. And this year, three more BPO companies are set to open in the city. The coming of these new companies and locators contributes to the heightened demand for IT workers, healthcare and nursing professionals, accounting and finance, etc., which is expected to generate 20,000 to 25,000 jobs.

Below is a list of the call center facilities operating in the city:



  •  Sitel
  •  Callboy
  •  People Support
  •  Callbox
  •  Etelecare
  •  Concentrix
  •  Synex, Gcom/Cybercity
  •  Western Watts, Surecruit
  •  Global Connect
  •  Global-X, Callwell
  •  Sixeleven
  •  Qualiserv
  •  Quantum Information Systems
  •  Hubport Interactive
  •  IDX Web designs



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Non-Voice BPO Sector

The BPO industry in the country has already proven its worth with regards to serving clients from across the globe. For this reason, Davao City is now handling non-voice BPO sectors.

As the name suggests, non-voice employees do not work not in call centres and they are not involved in communicating by voice with the customers. Instead, they perform back-office tasks or services such as the following:



  •  virtual assistance
  •  accounting and finance
  •  human resource
  •  legal and health services
  •  transcription
  •  data entry
  •  data processing
  •  software development
  •  website development
  •  process engineers
  •  other related services


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Back Off Services: The 2nd Largest BPO Sector in Davao City

Companies nowadays are redefining strategies and tactics to improve their business and achieve high performance in the local and even global marketplace. The reason why most companies outsource their tasks is because they want to focus more on the core functions of their business while hiring the services of workers from another country.

The rising globalization has opened doors for the BPO accounting industry in the city as well. As a result, many Davao CPA/accounting firms have flooded the marketplace offering professional services ranging from payroll to tax planning, to bookkeeping and accounting, to statutory reporting, and other related services that specializes in maintaining such a field.

In fact, back-off services like Finance and Accounting with HR, Health and Medical Services is the second largest BPO sector in the city next to call center and is followed by the software development sector.

As the Finance and Accounting sector continues to rise and with the tough competition in the business industry, accounting services have become all the more integral in the progress of a company’s performance.


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Remember! Choosing the Right CPA Is Crucial To Your Business Performance

The BPO industry may have boosted the economy and it’s not just all about the process of serving foreign companies. With the current status of local outsourcing companies, hiring CPAs in Davao is deemed to be top priority in order to handle the company’s financial management.

So whether you’re looking for an accountant for a local business or you’re outsourcing your company’s accounting services, that will not a problem. There are a number of accounting firms that offers reliable services in the city. The only thing you need to ensure is that the if the company can fully deliver to your needs.





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