Puregold Sets Expansion In Mindanao

Puregold Sets Expansion In Mindanao

Puregold sets expansion in Mindanao in 2013, as the capital expenditures allocated is expected to reach P3 billion. They are initially targeting the opening of 25 new stores this year as the firm targets to have 200 stores by 2015.

Mindanao has a lot of business opportunities because it’s vast mineral resources, bigger areas and a growing population. In Davao city alone more shopping malls, condominiums and housing are rising up. It will also mean more job opportunities for our new graduates and unemployed workers in the city. But this opportunities if not being manage carefully by our government agencies and our laws and policies are not being implemented will be detrimental to our environment and human resources as well. If the local government is not at phase with rapid growth in terms of city planning, drainage system, widening of roads, increase demand of electricity, traffic management will result to damage to our environment such as floods, brown outs, traffic congestions and other problems which will offset the positive development.

Recently we were struck by typhoons and it causes more damage to properties and lives. With this experienced we should be prepared at all times and should not be complacent. We have to move on and focus on our opportunities and growth.

Puregold Sets Expansion In Mindanao is contributed by Geovanni A. Patalinghug




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