Hiring Tips for Small Business Owners

Hiring Tips for Small Business Owners


10 Hiring Tips for Small Business Owners

A client posted an interesting topic regarding hiring tips for small business owners based on an article written by Peggie Arvidson-Dailey entitled 10 Hiring Tips for Small Business Owners. I just got 8 out of the 10 tips, since the rest may not necessarily be applicable to small business owners in the Philippines. I hope this will help you.

    1. Don’t expect to hire a replica of you! Each person you meet and interview will be a living, breathing human, with their own habits, mannerisms and even ideas! This is fine – -as long as their ideas and habits are not philosophically opposed to yours. 
    2. Know exactly what you expect from your new hire. Before you advertise for help, sit down and write a job description. List your goals for the new hire…By spending time working through your thoughts on hired help you are setting yourself up for a great working relationship. If you can clearly articulate the job to all applicants, they will have the opportunity to determine if this is a mutually agreeable fit. Be sure to concentrate on specific job-related descriptions, and not subjective information.
    3. Determine what type of manager you are! It’s imperative that you’re honest about your work style. 
    4. Set aside time. Plan to advertise, interview and train until you find the RIGHT person. (SECRET TIP: If you find the right person – Hire them right away and then find work for them! Never pass up a great hire!)
    5. Determine your time-off policy. Just like you, your team members will need time off – whether to recover from the flu or just to recharge. 
    6. Create a disciplinary and review process. Whether you need to tackle issues of poor performance, or chronic absenteeism — have a policy in place before you bring on your first team member. 
    7. Create a Fact Sheet for Applicants that you can provide along with an application to interested candidates. This sheet should cover your basic job description, expectations and hiring process.
    8. Create your training program. Whether a detailed manual or one-on-one training for a specified period of time – make sure you have a written outline. Your training program should include all aspects of the job you expect your new hire to complete. Many misunderstandings and frustrations occur simply because a new hire didn’t understand the expectations of the boss.




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