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Hiring an Accounting Firm in Davao to Set Up a Beach Resort Business

In order to secure both gains and losses in the financial matter of setting up a beach resort business, one needs to hire an accounting firm in Davao.



Davao City proves to be more than just a melting pot of cultures as it becomes one of the most business-populated cities in the country. Being an ideal place for both locals and vacationing tourists, among the best business ideas to invest with in this promising city are those belonging to the tourism and other service-oriented industries. From this idea sprouts the successful establishment of many beach resorts. And with the help of an accounting firm in Davao, launching your own has never been easier.



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It is sort of innate for humans to long for a vacation of their dreams in a picture-perfect Bora Bora or Hawaii beach resort. But what’s stronger than this desire is to actually own one. Where you could escape from the pressures and demands of the urban life anytime you want and at the same time get profits from other people who enjoy your property, the business of beach resorts is truly rewarding.



Here are the steps needed for launching your own beach resort in Davao City:



1. Write a business plan

Of course, this is the most vital step in every setting up of a business stage. For your beach resort in Davao, your business plan should detail the location of your business (Samal and Talikud Island are prime choices), your target market, the “branding” of your business resort (e.g. name, logo, theme), and a list of amenities and attractions you want to include such as:

– Restaurants
– Shopping/souvenir centers
– Entertainment (band shows, open theater, etc.)
– Sports activities
– Spa services



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 2. Secure your financial sources



This should also be included in your business plan but should be given more in-depth analysis. Securing your financial sources includes:



– liquidating your assets and savings
– applying for a business loan
– laying-out a contract document for repayment schedule



For all these, you need to hire an accounting firm based in Davao in order to secure both your gains and losses in the financial matter.






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3. Determine how many staffs you need



You can’t be running your beach resort solo. While it depends largely on the size of your business, the typical staffing for this industry usually include:



-Front Desk Officers
-Security Personnel
-Maintenance Staff
-Service Employees
-Cook and waitresses (if you have a restaurant)



For security purposes and for your convenience, it is advised to contact a staffing company especially if you’re planning to set up a large-scale beach resort in Davao.



4. Obtain business permits and licenses



For legal purposes and in order to gain the trust of your guests, it is a prerequisite to abide by Davao’s government policies and business standards prior to operation.






5. Complete all construction projects



A lot of businesses rush on operation albeit ongoing construction. While this is okay for more common businesses, this is a critical move for beach resorts. An unattractive spot could easily get a negative review which, by the way, has major influence on your guests’ choices.



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6. Market your beach resort



Social media marketing, flyers, word of mouth, etc. – all of these need to be maximized in order to get the word out about your beach resort.



As an aspiring Davao investor and entrepreneur, you need to make excellent planning about your proposed resort business. And as finance plays a key role in just about every business, you need to heed assistance from an Accounting Firm in Davao in order to successfully establish a systematic business planning and approach. These approaches should further be directed towards a target group as a major factor to make your resort business a grand success.



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