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Hired CPAs Relevance to Davao Fishing Industry

Is it relevant for individual members of the larger fishing industry to hire a CPA from Davao? In a way yes and here’s why.

Is it relevant for individual members of the larger fishing industry to hire a CPA from Davao? In a way yes because of complicated processes they know to handle not just growth but also sustainability.

Ever wondered how this industry came to be and how deeply practical it is for Davao’s key players in this sector to have accountants by their side?

The outline in succeeding paragraphs follows a timeline approach from its roots to the modern challenges that this sector faces. It will end up slowly uncovering viable solutions with your trusted accounting partners.


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Historical Roots

Davao City is historically known as an agricultural society. It belongs to a region that has produced rice and coconut but the city is also known for its fruit exports. There’s something more to Davao than just vast land area though.

With an impressive coastal shoreline stretching up to 60 kilometers; past city inhabitants could have thrived not just on fruits and crops but also fish and other aquatic resources.


The Modern Times

In 1995, the Davao Fish Port Complex was enshrined in Toril to better place the city on the world’s map for fish resources.

This fish port is the only port in the country authorized to provide transshipment services to foreign vessels. It performed well last year (37% increase in local vessel arrivals and 19% for foreign vessels), compared to its other Mindanao fish port counterparts like Zamboanga (which suffered lesser fish production rates of 3.37%).


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But despite the staggering statistical figures, growth is real but sustainability is an issue. This is where Davao CPA becomes relevant in the fishing industry. But first, the problems to focus on.

Water pollution – There are many possible causes and it includes lack of discipline from the growing population in outlying areas, massive deforestation from the uplands and visually no disciplinary actions or legal actions from the local government unit. As a result, fish populations, even traditionally resilient species such as matambaka and moro moro are expected to soon disappear within a generation (GMA News).

Overfishing – Another problem is the relatively high demand coming from both local and international markets. As the Davao Fish Port also allows foreign vessels to tap into their resources, supplies may deplete sooner or later.

Loss of livelihood– As a proof of continuing depletion of fish resources, most small time fishermen whose livelihood is in question, explore even disputed territories and those outside Philippines’ area of responsibility just to find fresh catch.


Davao CPAs, Here to Help



  •  The Environmental Approach – You have just one earth to live at, why destroy it? The message is simple: apply accounting principles and solution oriented approaches in finding ways to sustain the fish industry’s main source of income: the marine life!
  •  Software compatibility – The fishing industry falls under extensive raw material delivery which means delivery and inventory is crucial but complex. Accountants can help you decide which heavy weight software programs to choose in financial and operational processes that are specific to this industry.
  •  Balancing between local and foreign supply – You can never outplay foreign money but how about locals needing maintained supply of fish? Accountants offer advice as to balancing the local and international transactions for homeostatic continuity.




If you’re ready to sit down with a Davao accountant any time now to offer you advice while you engage in the large scale fishing industry, contact them as the pro’s outweigh th



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