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Get your Very Own Accountant in Davao City

As a growing city, Davao is at the forefront of this economic boom. And with it comes construction and buildings. Whilst Cebu city grew vertically, Davao is growing horizontally. This means that if you have a construction company, sooner or later you will need the bookkeeping services of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Keeping records of every material from construction is just plain tedious. Good thing there are people willing to do it. And for a fee, you can have your very own CPA. How awesome is that? That person will take care of everything from making sure that your business is making money, your people are not stealing from you, and you are getting exactly what you wanted. It’s a win = win situation. Accountant person gets to keep his/her job, you save more money and with savings come earning.



Bookkeeping + Service + Davao + 2



Now, there are more positive things why construction companies need an accountant.

1.) Save money since proper accounting can reduce unwanted purchases

This is pretty self explanatory. Reduce the number of items that are not needed since proper accounting can produce exact numbers.

2.) Streamline purchasing since accounting will be able to predict when you run out of specific materials

Now that you have an exact count of what are in your possessions, and with complete records, it is albeit easier for the accountant to predict when supplies will run out and how much of each will need to be procured in the future. This is planning at its best and will help you reduce costs. Every penny saved can be counted towards income.



Bookkeeping + Service + Davao



Certified + Bookkeeper + Davao

3.) Better pay system for your employees. No more unwanted over/under time.

No more lost time or unnecessary overtime. With this, there is no lost income to employees always waiting to go on overtime so that they could finish “something”.

4.) Streamlined operations mean faster quotations for prospective clients.

A new prospective client shows up and needs a quotation? With a digital system, insta-quotations can now be had with just a few clicks. Prices of each material to labor can now be quoted and given or emailed instantly to a waiting client. Imagine the amount of business this could generate for the future.

5.) Taxes will now be automatically collected and payment to B.I.R. will be hassle free.

Automate your system. While this is already in place at almost all establishments, there is a level of sophistication to what your system can achieve. With the proper programs and input from your accountant, your level of business will be way above that of other competitors.



Bookkeeping + Services + in + Davao + City + Philippines + 2



Certified + Bookkeeper + Davao + 2



See the perks? This just makes the life of the owner of the company that much easier. Who doesn’t want a hassle free life? Everybody! But only those who could actually pull it off get to do it. Be one of the few and the rich and the powerful! Hire an accountant today. Now, bookkeeping services in Davao is not new. It has been here ever since the first CPA graduate. But only now is this trend catching up.

Another perk of having an accountant on the books is the chance of paying less tax. Yep you read that right, with the correct person on the job, they can find any and all loopholes and have you pay discounts to the government. This is perhaps one of the biggest perks as it allows you to save hundreds of thousands to millions of Pesos. And if this is on a per project basis, then you have all the more reason to hire an accountant.

With the economic boom, more and more people can now afford the services of a personal bookkeeper. This is by no means just a regular thing. It actually means that more and more people are being successful. And for that it means that Davao City is growing, and is headed in the right direction.




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